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British Airways Interline Baggage Agreements

British Airways Interline Baggage Agreements: What You Need to Know

Traveling by air can be an exciting experience, but it also requires careful planning, especially in terms of packing and luggage. For travelers using multiple airlines for their journey, navigating baggage policies and fees can be quite confusing. Fortunately, British Airways has established interline baggage agreements with several other airlines to make things easier for its customers.

What Are Interline Baggage Agreements?

Interline baggage agreements (also known as interline baggage check-through or interline baggage transfer) are arrangements between different airlines that allow passengers to check their luggage all the way through to their final destination, even if they are using multiple airlines for their journey. This means that travelers do not have to collect their bags and re-check them with each airline during layovers, which can save them time and hassle.

How Do Interline Baggage Agreements Work with British Airways?

British Airways has interline baggage agreements with many airlines worldwide, including major carriers like American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, and Qantas. When booking a flight with British Airways and one of their interline partners, passengers can request that their luggage be checked through to their final destination. The baggage allowance of the operating carrier (the airline that operates the first flight of the journey) will apply to the whole journey, and any excess baggage fees will also be charged by that airline.

It is important to note that interline baggage agreements do not apply to all routes or fares. Some airlines may have different policies depending on the type of ticket or destination, so travelers should always check the baggage rules and restrictions of each airline they are flying with.

Benefits of Interline Baggage Agreements

The main advantage of interline baggage agreements is that they simplify the process of checking in luggage for travelers with connecting flights. Instead of having to collect and re-check bags between each flight, passengers can have their luggage transferred automatically and securely to their final destination. This can save time, reduce stress, and give travelers peace of mind knowing that their bags are being taken care of.

Interline baggage agreements can also help reduce the risk of lost or delayed luggage. By having a single airline responsible for the entire journey, there is less chance of bags getting lost or misplaced during transfers between airlines.


Interline baggage agreements can be a valuable tool for travelers using multiple airlines for their journey. British Airways has established partnerships with many airlines worldwide to offer this service to their customers. By checking luggage all the way through to the final destination, travelers can save time, reduce stress, and rest assured that their bags are being taken care of. However, it is important to check the baggage rules and restrictions of each airline to ensure that interline baggage agreements apply to the specific route and fare. Happy travels!

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